"We are the largest youth sport organization in Washington County, Maryland!"

WCJFL 58 Years
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Executive Board

We recognize all the WCJFL volunteers and all those who put their time and energy into making this league as strong as it is today. We express gratitude for the hard work, determination, dedication, and lasting contribution they have made to the young players' past, present, and future.

Washington County Junior Football League Officers
Executive Board Members

President: Todd Ruppenthal  
Vice President: VACANT  
Vice President Junior League: Butch Hess  
Vice President Pee Wee: VACANT  
Treasurer: Chris Christ  
Secretary: Debbie Christ  
Player Agent: Lori Hare  
Director of Coaches: John Schonewolf  
Equipment Manager: Ron Hare  
Safety Director: Shenna Carroll  
Director of Cheer: Robin Spickler