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Currently updating for the 2024 Season!  We will continue to add as we receive.

Q) When does registration open?
A) ONLINE registeration opens March 12, 2024 and closes July 21, 2024.  

Q) Where there be in person registration?
A) Yes, we have dates in July and will post our flyer on our Facebook page.

Q) Does WCJFL have a Facebook page?
A) Yes, look for WCJFL, click like or follow and anything we post will flow into your newsfeed.

Q) What is included in my fee?
A) Flag-we provide a Tshirt with WCJFL logo for the game shirt and mouthpiece.  Parents provide black shorts and cleats.
A) Tackle Football-all equipment is included in registration fee except girdles and cleats.  Integrated girdles can be purchased at any sports stores but when washing, lay dry do not put into dryer.  Molded cleats are best, they don't wear down like detractable cleats.  Teams provide uniforms.
A) Cheer-Squads provide uniforms and any  additional items if they have them to carry over year to year; however, for anything such as new or extra uniforms, bows, spankies and warm up suits, squads will fundraise for those items so there is no out of pocket expense to parents unless they choose to forego the fundraising.

Q) Do I need to work in concessions?
A) In order to keep our costs low, parents rotate working concession shifts.  We do not have a buyout and every parent is expected to work at least once, unless teams/squads make it to the playoffs/championships, there will be additonal shifts.  If you sign up and do not show, there is a bylaw that your child will sit out the next game they attend; however, if you find someone to replace you, your child will not sit out.  Please also note, you NEVER work during the game that your child is cheering or playing.  We do our best to have shifts directly before or after or an alternate day (this is rare).

Q) Can a 16 yr old work concessions?
A) Per the Health Department regulations, we can have (1) 16 yr old per shift.  They cannot handle money nor work the grill or fryers.

Q) Where can I send questions?
A) Questions can be sent to info@wcjfl.com or message us on our Facebook page, WCJFL.

Q) Can I get an Exec Board personnel or Coach/Advisor's email or number?
A) We do not provide private emails nor phone numbers without prior permission.  If you email us at the address above, we will consult and then respond.

Q) How do I know where my child will play/cheer?
A) Per our bylaws, registrants are placed according to their residency/high school district.

Q) What if my child attends a STEM/MAGNET program outside of our residency and wants to play with their school they currently attend?
A) Any registrant in a STEM/MAGNET program that wishes to do this must provide the letter they receive from the WCBOE confirming their status and enrollment and it will be presented to the Exec Board for a vote.  This is no guarantee.

Q) What is my child is transported by another parent who doesn't live in my district, can my child be assigned to their child's team?
A) No, transportation is not a justification and when you register, you acknowledge that you will be providing transportation for your child.

Q) Is there a MUST play rule?
A) Yes, each child is to receive at least 5 plays per HALF; however, are coaches prefer to ensure they receive more than that.

Q) What if my child does not receive the mandatory 5 plays per half?
A) Parents may consult an Executive Board member at the field or email us and we will look into the matter.

Q) What divisions are for each group?
A) Flag Division is for K-2, Tackle is 3-8th and Cheer is 3 years up to 8th grade.  Players/Cheer must be entering that grade in the Fall to be eligible.  Three years olds for Cheer must be 3 by July 1 of current year.

Q) When does practice start and what days/times?
A) Practice for Tackle and Cheer normally starts the end of July, official date will be conveyed by Coach/Advisor but we also post on our Facebook page.  Tackle Division is 4-5 nights a week, 2-2.5 hrs until school starts and then only 3 nights a week.  Cheer is also 4-5 nights a week, 2-2.5 hrs until they learn their routine and/or school starts, and then only 2-3 nights a week.  Flag starts 1 week after tackle and is normally 2-3 nights a week, 1-1.5 hrs.  Times will get shorter as it gets dark earlier.  However, please note that the schedule is at the Coach's discretion/availability.

Q) When are games and when do they start?
A) Flag plays on Saturday mornings for 1 hour, they normally start Labor Day Weekend.  Pee Wee Tackle (3-4 grade) play Saturday mornings and early afternoon following Flag.  Games are about 1.5 hours.  Junior Division Tackle (JV-5/6 and Varsity-7/8) play either Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon.  As same JV/V teams play consecutive, this is a total of 3 hours (1.5 hr each).  Cheer Division cheers for the JV/V Division, there is no cheer at the Pee Wee level.

Q) When are schedules available?
A) We do our best to get them completed as quickly as possible as we know our parents need to request time off but schedules are normally not completed until mid August.

Q) When does the season end?
A) Flag and Pee TAckle normally conclude by last weekend of October if not earlier.  JV/V Division conclude by 2nd weekend of November barring any weather related cancellations/rescheduling.