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1.  Will there be a season?  YES

UDPATE on WCJFL Fall Season 6/15/2020

The Executive Board and Board of Directors met last night to go over guidelines set forth by NFHS, State, County and Health Department, that are in place at this time. This is a constant, evolving situation and we will update with changes as they are provided to us.

Due to COVID-19, we've decided to move our season back a few weeks to ensure we will be in Phase 3, with the least possible restrictions. Practice may start August 29th (majority of coaches won't start until Monday, August 31st). The season games will start Saturday, September 26th. There will be no Opening Ceremonies due to safety reasons. Players/Cheer will be introduced prior to the start of their first game.

Based on this, please have player/cheer physicals completed by the family physician no later than August 28th.
Players/Cheer can NOT practice without a current physical and yes, it is REQUIRED for all players/cheer. Forms are on our website under registration.

Registration is open now at www.wcjfl.com and will remain open until August 15th. Payment is due at time of registration or the system will not save it. For this season only, fees are fully refundable should COVID-19 force us to cancel prior to the start of the season.

For this season ONLY, we may be limiting Cheer ages to 3-8th grade for safety reasons, this would also include any returners in the younger age group restrictions. We will know definitely by June 28th and advise then.

At this time, the guidelines still don't allow us to host in person registration (as we exceed the allowed 50 people) but as soon as the guidelines allow, we will have several and we will post them here and on the website. All registrations must be submitted online or at an inperson registration with the Player Agent, not through the Coaches/Advisors.

Please note some of the guidelines that are currently mandated by NFHS, for the season (if this changes, we will advise immediately).
* Per NFHS, maske are required while not in active play, we expect further guidance on this.
* Per NFHS, temperatures will be checked prior to each practice by a WCJFL representative and noted on required form.
* Per NFHS, any child not feeling well should not attend practice.
* Per NFHS, there is no stunting or building allowed with Cheer, if this changes we will advise. Only cheers and a no contact dance routine for half time is allowed.
* Per NFHS, cheer squad sizes are to be limited. We will post the maximum allowed for each squad once we've measured their area. If numbers exceed the allowable size, we will create 2 squads and one will cheer for JV (B) team, the other for Varsity (A) team. Registration is first come, first serve basis.
* Per NFHS, ALL player/cheer items are to be labeled with their names, and kept separate at practice/games from other player/cheer.
* Per NFHS, ALL player/cheer must provide their own drinks for practice/cheer. Community drinking stations are not allowed.
* Per NFHS, team equipment will be cleaned thoroughly prior to the start of the season and then nightly after practice with disinfectant.
* Per NFHS, traveling to other area for games should be prohitibited. We are not a travel league and all games are played at Marty Snook Park.

There are more guidelines but with us pushing our season back, it is with the hope that some of the restrictions will be lifted by that point; however, please note that WCJFL will follow all mandated guidelines set forth by NFHS, State, County and Health Department to ensure the safety of your child and all fans.

While we realize this season will be different and everyone may not agree with the guidelines, they are set forth with the intention to try to limit contact and help social distance while still allowing our sport to continue. We are bound by the guidelines set forth and will institute them during the season.

If you have questions, please message us here or send us an email at info@wcjfl.com.